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About Us

Who We Are

Founded by John Taft in 1946 just a few blocks from our current headquarters in Ventura California, then purchased and Incorporated in 1965 by Mr. W.E. “Bud” Hartman, Taft Electric has been a proud member of NECA and the IBEW serving the construction industry for over seventy years.  We are our people, people with the knowledge, experience, talent, integrity and ingenuity to serve nearly every conceivable electrical sector from Commercial, Industrial, Transportation, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, BioTech/BioPharma, Oil and Gas and Alternative Energies.  We have made our name synonymous with reliability and superior performance and know how to deliver proven results on-time and within budget.  Our promise is to provide every client with a level of service and attention that exceeds their expectations for many years to come.

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